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Flintridge Center, 236 W. Mountain Street, Pasadena

We make every effort to respond to inquiries within one business day. Thank you for contacting us.

Flintridge Center
236 West Mountain Street, Suite 106
Pasadena, CA 91103
Phone: (626) 449-0839
Fax: (626) 449-4556

Jaylene Moseley, President
Ext. 111 / Email: Jaylene Moseley

Catherine Co, Director of Finance
Ext. 105 / Email: Catherine Co

Desirae McWhorter, Reservations for Retreat Center
Ext. 101 (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) / Email: Desirae McWhorter

Yvonne Taylor, Director of Administration
Ext. 119 / Email: Yvonne Taylor

Lisa Wilson, Director of Organizational Learning & Evaluation
Ext. 116 / Email: Lisa Wilson

Program Contacts

Apprenticeship Preparation Program and
Reintegration Council

Jewelle Dela Cruz, Program Assistant
Ext. 104 / Email: Jewelle Dela Cruz

Pasadena Mentoring Partners
Youth of Promise Mentoring Program
Lisa Wilson
Ext. 116 / Email: Lisa Wilson

Vision 20/20
Jaylene Moseley
Ext. 111 / Email: Jaylene Moseley