City of Pasadena selects Flintridge as “institutional home” for violence prevention efforts

Flintridge was recommended and supported by a coalition of community groups and, as a result, selected by the City of Pasadena to serve as the community-based “institutional home” for local service providers addressing community violence. In addition to convening providers and developing greater collaboration in closing critical service gaps, particularly for at-risk young adults ages 17 through 25, we work with city agencies to ensure that services and policies are better coordinated to prevent and reduce outbreaks of violence.

… Flintridge exemplifies all of the Gap Analysis conditions set forth for choosing an existing nonprofit as an Institutional Home: appropriate mission and stability; interactive ties with government and highly impacted communities; management and planning skills; and commitment to collaborative leadership … Because of its established record of successfully promoting cooperative partnerships within the community, we endorse with much enthusiasm and without reservation the choice of Flintridge …

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