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planned giving and gifts of stock

Through planned giving, donors receive assistance in establishing gifts that will help Flintridge for generations to come.

Planned gifts can be arranged through wills, trusts, insurance and gifts of property. With proper planning, you can make wonderful gifts in support of Flintridge while maintaining or even improving your financial status. It is possible to make gifts while increasing income for you and your loved ones, providing for inheritances, and reducing or eliminating income, gift and estate taxes.

For additional information concerning planned giving opportunities with Flintridge Center, please contact Josh McCurry.

Gifts of Stock:

Gifts of appreciated stock or other securities owned for more than a year afford the benefit of a full-market value donation to Flintridge while you avoid the onerous capital gains tax and obtain a charitable deduction on your current federal and state income tax. Or if your stock has decreased in value, you should consider selling it first and then contributing the proceeds to Flintridge, which allows you to receive a tax deduction for both the capital loss and the charitable gift.

Donating a gift of stock to Flintridge is easy. If your stock is held in a brokerage account, you simply instruct your broker in writing to transfer the shares to the Flintridge account listed below, along with the account number and DTC for the brokerage. Please be sure to note if the gift is unrestricted or should be used for a specific program, and then have a copy of the letter sent to Flintridge to ensure that you are credited for the gift and that your generosity is properly acknowledged.

For more information please contact Josh McCurry.

Brokerage Name: Raymond James & Assoc., Inc.
DTC Number: 0725
Account No.: 56681990

Sample Letter to Your Broker:

Dear (Broker's Name):

This letter is to direct you to transfer ____ shares of stock in (company) from Account# _____ in my name (or in the name of _____) to the account of the Flintridge Center, Tax I.D. #26-1559274, at: Account # 56681990, Raymond James & Assoc., Inc., DTC # 0725. This gift is (unrestricted/restricted) to be used for _____________________.

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