Put New Year’s Cleaning Toward A Good Cause

Decluttering your home for the New Year? Getting rid of some holiday gifts that didn’t bring you joy? Instead of throwing away your old stuff, use it to help Flintridge Center meet community members’ needs.


Flintridge is now a partner of ACTS Thrift Store, meaning every time you donate items to ACTS in Flintridge Center’s name, someone we serve gets a voucher for the store. Community members use these vouchers for clothing for job interviews, appliances and furniture for their home or anything else ACTS sells that they may not otherwise be able to afford.


We’re so grateful for what ACTS is doing for us and many other Pasadena nonprofits. With their help, we’ll be better able to create opportunities and bridge the gap between community members and meaningful transformation.


Help people get back on their feet by donating to ACTS now! You can drop off items at the store or schedule a pickup for larger items. Make sure you specify that you want your donation to support Flintridge Center.

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