A Success!

“I make great money today despite my criminal record and scattered work history.”


When Steven Jernagin left prison, he had no way to find a job, and his situation put a strain on his relationship with his family. In the face of post-release obstacles, it was difficult to find the drive to turn his life around, but Steven’s three young children motivated him to find a better life path.


Our Apprenticeship Preparation Program helped Steven see his life in a new way by giving him an opportunity that he couldn’t find anywhere else. He graduated from our program a year ago and has since undergone a complete transformation. Steven was accepted into a union as an apprentice, continues to earn excellent wages, and does work he is proud of. He has also strengthened his relationships with his children.


“I try to imagine what my life would be like post-release if I had not taken advantage of the program, and I haven’t had one comforting thought,” Steven says. Despite facing many hurdles, he is “still working, still positive, grateful, happy and driven.”


Congratulations, Steven!

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