An Electrifying Experience

There’s no better way to make a career feel realistic than to see what it’s like for yourself. That’s why participants in our Apprenticeship Preparation Program go on five field trips to real union training sites.


One of these field trips took the class to the site where IBEW Local 11 electrical apprentices get the knowledge they need to start their construction careers. Vice President Jane Templin gave our participants a tour and advice on how to succeed as an apprentice. Apprenticeships are competitive, but Jane’s tips gave the class a leg up. She walked us through the entire process, providing sample test questions and demonstrating good interview skills. Jane has been partnering with Flintridge for over 7 years and says that APP participants come in prepared for apprenticeships and are more likely to succeed. Jane also says she loves working with Flintridge because “the work is from the heart,” just like her work with the union.


The class also met with APP graduate Edson Morgan, who is now over a year into his electrical apprenticeship with IBEW. He told current participants to stay motivated and trust that they’re on the right path. The field trip turned out to be an informative and memorable experience!

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