APP Graduates Get To Work

The Apprenticeship Preparation Program works, and so do our graduates!


It’s only been a few weeks since the Spring 2016 class graduated, and already 5 graduates have been accepted to unions and/or are working on construction projects. We caught up with Mack Lewis and James Griffin, who got accepted to the Cement Masons Union Local 600 just a few days after graduation and started working on a project down the street from Flintridge last week.


Both Mack and James were struggling to find direction and hope when they enrolled in the APP. Now, just three months later, they’re both thriving. And it’s not just the construction skills they learned in the program that’s made them so successful — it’s also the deep life skills and self-esteem they developed during the 12-week course. James told us he feels the program changed him “from the inside out” and his experience has been “breathtaking.” Mack said, “If it wasn’t for this program, I probably wouldn’t be a free man. I probably would have gone down the wrong road.”


We could not be more proud of Mack, James, and all of our Apprenticeship Preparation Program graduates. We’ll welcome a new cohort of participants in July — stay tuned for more updates!

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