Change Records, Change Lives

We believe in fresh starts. We believe that with opportunity — instead of judgment and labels — transformation is possible and even likely.


So, Flintridge is teaming up with volunteer attorneys from the Los Angeles Incubator Consortium to provide Record Change Clinics. These clinics will help community members with records reduce some offenses and expunge others. As records clear, so do barriers to housing, employment, and full community reintegration.


We held our first Record Change Clinic last week. Three attorneys from the Consortium volunteered their time and gave an overview of opportunities provided by Prop 47. Then, community members completed a form and got their fingerprints taken so that they may receive their rap sheets. Thanks to AB109 funding from the PPD, these Live Scans were provided at no cost to community members. At next month’s clinic, ten Consortium attorneys will help up to 30 community members identify offenses on their rap sheets that can be reduced or expunged, and they will walk them through the process.


Our clinics are designed to take advantage of Prop 47, which provides the opportunity to reduce qualifying felonies to misdemeanors and to expunge misdemeanors. This is a big deal for community members with criminal records because having a felony can be a major barrier to getting life back on track. At Flintridge, we’re doing our part to help as many people as possible get access to opportunities that will change their lives for the better.


For more information about our reintegration work, please contact Chris Finney.

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