Congrats, APP Grads!

On Friday, May 6, Flintridge proudly presented the Graduates of the 24th Session of the Apprenticeship Preparation Program. Supportive and proud family members, funders, APP alumni, program partners, and community partners joined our celebration to help congratulate the APP graduates for their accomplishments, dedication, and hard work over the past 12 weeks.


Graduates successfully completed all 12 weeks (240 hours) of the program, which is no small feat! Graduates learned the basics of construction (from math to blueprinting), participated in hands-on training, gained applicable life skills, educated themselves in the process of obtaining and retaining employment, and much more. Graduating means these community members now have the knowledge and certification to enter union apprenticeships.


Although they are finished with the program, graduates know that this is not the end. As 2nd Call’s Skipp Townsend states, “It’s about the journey, not the destination.” Graduates will continue to apply themselves, reach for their goals, and become self-sufficient members of the community.


To learn more about or support the APP, please contact Daniel Torres.

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