Designers of the Future

We’re teaming up with ArtCenter College of Design to bring big things to our Youth of Promise program!


Over 10 weeks, ArtCenter students will lead a team of 12 middle and high schoolers to design their own transportation devices. We’re only a couple of weeks in, and our youth are already inspired and dreaming up some incredible planes, trains, and automobiles.


The youth kicked things off with ArtCenter’s annual Car Classic event, where they picked out cars that will inspire their own models, saw the computers where ArtCenter students design world-class cars, and even got to look inside an upcoming Lexus model and talk to a Lexus designer! So far in the classroom part of the program, held weekly at Flintridge Center, the ArtCenter student leaders showed the youth some cool projects they’ve worked on at ArtCenter, and demonstrated the basics of sketching out a design. Coming up, youth will be learning more about car and transportation design from the students, building their own models, and taking more fun field trips to places like the Peterson Museum.


We’re so grateful to have an amazing group of ArtCenter students guiding our Youth of Promise to bring their dreams to life, and we can’t wait to see what our youth can create!

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