Donor Spotlight: Alan and Sheila Lamson

Our impact is only possible because of people like Alan & Sheila Lamson. Read on to hear from Alan on why his family supports Flintridge Center.

“Education is especially important to us. I spent 36 years teaching English at Pasadena Community College and Sheila has taught elementary school. We were initially attracted to the Flintridge Center by its Apprenticeship Preparation Program for formerly incarcerated individuals, which helps participants get jobs in the construction industry. However, we have also recently contributed to the SKILLZ Summer Program, which provides help for teens at risk of dropping out of school. And we have previously contributed to the Youth of Promise program which also helps students make healthier lifestyle choices. All of the Center’s programs are worthwhile and support the goal of using education to enhance the lives of those most in need of a helping hand. Finally, I have been most impressed by Flintridge Center President Jaylene Moseley’s work ethic and her deep belief that all lives are valuable and that everyone should have a chance to lead a healthy, productive life.”

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