Gaining SKILLZ This Summer

It’s summer time, which means that SKILLZ Summer School is in session! SKILLZ provides a safe, nurturing alternative for youth during the summer, with the goal of reducing dropout rates and increasing graduation rates. SKILLZ began 7 years ago as a collaboration between Flintridge Center, Day One, Lake Avenue Church and Community Foundation, and Pasadena Unified School District.


Hosted on the Lake Avenue Church campus, SKILLZ will be in session for 5 weeks. Students begin their day in life skills workshops coordinated by Day One. They learn about relevant topics and skills, such as goal setting, dating violence, nutrition, rights and responsibilities in encounters with law enforcement, and conflict resolution. In the afternoon, students get an engaging, interactive review and preview of math topics they’ll need for the fall.


SKILLZ provides an environment of support, understanding, and high expectations. We want our to students to start the school year with the academic skills, emotional strength, and resources they need to succeed.

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