Honoring Those Who Make a Difference

At April’s PACT Resource Fair, we honored and thanked Superior Court Judge Terry Smerling and Deputy Probation Officer Melissa Carr for providing second chances to struggling community members. As a result of their dedication and belief in the potential of each individual, many community members have transformed their lives.


Judge Smerling has been working in the Pasadena community for many years and has deferred incarceration for countless community members, sending them instead to the treatment they need to become drug-free and self-sufficient. Deputy Probation Officer Melissa Carr works alongside Judge Smerling, guiding and monitoring community members on probation to ensure that they do not relapse and recidivate. Together, they have changed the lives of many individuals, including Flintridge’s APP staff members Jeffrey Bellissimo and Daniel Torres.


Flintridge’s APP Program Specialist Jeffrey Bellissimo recalls that “Judge Smerling saved my life” to which Judge Smerling replied, “I didn’t save your life. You saved yourself, Jeffrey. I only provided you the opportunity to do so.” We thank Officer Carr and Judge Smerling for their impactful work and for helping to transform the lives of Pasadena community members!

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