Learning the Language of Construction

Last week, our Apprenticeship Preparation Program (APP) class began the blueprinting section of the course.


Blueprinting is one of many sections essential in preparing our program participants to become union apprentices. Having apprentices know how to read and draw basic blueprints is vital for any construction project.


Participants spend a good portion — 20 hours — of their 240-hour course mastering the basics of blueprinting. Students cover the symbols used to draw a blueprint and learn how each trade’s set of plans contributes to the master blueprint. After learning how to read blueprints, students form teams and are challenged to draw a plan for Flintridge Center’s office building.


“Blueprinting is exciting, especially when we were outside doing measurements,” Mack Lewis, one of our current APP participants, states. “I don’t know a whole lot about blueprinting yet, but I learned a lot about myself — how I resolve conflicts and how to work with different people.”


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