Meet Our Grads: Genghis Hernandez

The most recent session of the Apprenticeship Preparation Program is already seeing success! Graduate Genghis Hernandez has been accepted into the carpenters union, Local 409, and just landed a job with GMZ Engineering. The APP helped Genghis build his motivation and confidence to pursue a lasting career. “The first week opened my eyes,” he recalls. Throughout the course, he enjoyed building on his interest in math, learning about the importance of unions, and developing the life skills necessary to be a great team player. His dedication to the course earned him the opportunity to speak at the APP graduation ceremony, where he thanked his family and said he was excited to make them proud. “I feel grateful,” Genghis says. “I have the skills and confidence to go on to the next step, and the drive to work for something better. It starts with me and it ends with me.”

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