New Year, New Opportunities

Flintridge kicked off the New Year with an orientation for the next session of the Apprenticeship Preparation Program (APP).


Over 30 hopeful future apprentices were in attendance. Daniel Torres, APP Outreach Case Manager, started the orientation by telling his personal story of how the program guided him from “absolutely hopeless” to earning a living that could support his family. Peter Matich, Job Specialist, and Jeffrey Bellisimo, Program Specialist, assured participants that the APP can put a better life in reach. “This is life and death for a lot of people,” said Jeffrey, “and we know that.”


The APP has guided hundreds of formerly incarcerated and gang-affiliated community members to union construction careers over the last 8 years. The program is offered at the Flintridge Center and is facilitated by Flintridge staff. The program includes a life skills course that supports participants’ emotional needs. In the next session, we’re introducing a mentoring support group that will allow current participants to discuss their experiences with past graduates during and after the course.


By providing sustainable and rewarding alternatives to crime and violence for community members returning from incarceration or gang life, the APP improves and enriches lives and keeps communities healthy and safe. We are thrilled to meet a new group of participants who are ready to transform their lives.


The new session begins next month. Contact Daniel for more information.

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