Our Youth Need Your Help!

Help get our youth ready for success!


We need donations of backpacks, notebooks, paper, and writing utensils, and other school supplies for the youth we serve in our SKILLZ summer school and Youth of Promise mentoring programs. 130 young people need school supplies, especially backpacks, paper, pens, and pencils that their families cannot afford. Please consider donating to help our community’s youth achieve their full potential!


The SKILLZ Summer School program is a collaborative effort coordinated by Flintridge Center with College Access Plan, Day One, Lake Avenue Church, Lake Avenue Community Foundation, and Pasadena Unified School District. We support youth at risk of dropping out of school with life skills workshops and academic tutoring over the summer. In an environment of love and understanding, we encourage students to focus on academic success and develop healthy habits.


The Youth of Promise mentoring program gives middle school youth in need of guidance a caring adult mentor to support them through tough times and guide them toward high school graduation. We also work with the families of our youth and provide opportunities for engagement.


When we invest and believe in our youth, it’s amazing what they can achieve. Please help us meet our goal of collecting all the backpacks, paper, pens, notebooks, and pencils we need for the 130 children that need them. You can drop off donations during the business day at Flintridge Center — 236 West Mountain St., Suite 106 — or contact Emma. to have your donation picked up.

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