The monthly Pasadena/Altadena Community Team resource fair was last Thursday, and we had a tremendous turnout with over 40 participants!


Flintridge Center coordinates the fair, held every third Thursday. The PACT fair was created to help formerly incarcerated individuals and their families access the resources they need during their transition back into our community. A variety of local service providers are introduced to community members, addressing topics such as housing, employment opportunities, substance abuse, and health screening.


The intention of the PACT fair is to make reintegration easier for our previously incarcerated community members using a compassionate and dignified approach. The transition back into communities can be difficult, leaving many individuals lost in the process. Flintridge and its partners aim to alleviate the challenges faced by these community members, helping them leave the cycle of violence, repeat offenses, and poverty.


For more information about the next PACT fair on October 15th, >contact Daniel Torres.

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