Reopening Doors of Opportunity

“I was in and out of trouble,” says Manuel, “I had work. But it was just work. It wasn’t a career.” Manuel graduated from the Apprenticeship Preparation Program in 2015, and last week he came back to Flintridge as a guest speaker at this semester’s APP Graduation. Not only did he share his story with the audience, but he watched his son-in-law Jose graduate, just a few months after referring him to the program. For the past two years, Manuel has been working as a member of the Carpenter’s Union Local 1506.

Hear his story in this video.

Like Manuel, many formerly incarcerated individuals have doors of opportunity shut in their faces as they work to successfully reintegrate into their communities. Flintridge strives to reopen these doors, and in doing so uplift individuals, families, and the community.

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