Strengthened Reintegration Support Comes to Pasadena

We are incredibly excited to announce the expanded and improved Reintegration Network, a collaborative effort between the Pasadena Police Department, the Pasadena Public Health Department, Flintridge Center, and nine other incredible community organizations. Funded by the savings created by Proposition 47 — which reduced the incarcerated population — this effort will increase and improve Pasadena’s services for community members returning from incarceration.

Here at Flintridge, we’ll be joined by new team members from the Public Health Department, who will offer mental health and substance abuse treatment right here at our Center. We’ll offer deepened employment development and case management services, while utilizing a strengthened and aligned network of community organizations — 2nd Call, Amer-I-Can, ACTS Thrift Store, LA Incubator Consortium, Lake Avenue Church, Union Station, Pasadena Federal Credit Union, and Live Above The Hype. Using deep and meaningful collaboration, these partners will work with Flintridge to offer life skills, housing assistance, clothing, legal help, and financial literacy classes, in addition to mental health and substance abuse treatment.

We cannot wait to bring this improved support system to the formerly incarcerated community here in Pasadena. It’s all part of our focus on providing the most relentless support possible for community members in need.

Check out this article in Pasadena Now to learn more.

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