Success Even Before Graduation

From day one of class, participants in the Apprenticeship Preparation Program are taught, “It’s all about how you present yourself.” To make a positive impression on employers and unions, participants are advised to show up early, do their research, and be prepared to introduce themselves.


Lacy Zaycher and Andrew Bacon took this advice. They showed up prepared to present themselves and asked insightful questions at job fairs and union site visits. It’s no surprise that both Lacy and Andrew landed union construction careers before graduating from the Apprenticeship Preparation Program! Lacy is now working for ISEC as a member of Carpenter’s Local Union 409, while Andrew is working for Morrow-Meadows as a member of IBEW Local 11.


We look forward to seeing what else is in store for Lacy and Andrew, along with all of our other motivated graduates!

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