Thank you, Lions Club!

The Apprenticeship Preparation Program team was thrilled to accept a generous grant of $6,833 from the Pasadena Host Lions Club. The donation will cover safety vests, safety glasses, hard hats, and work boots for program participants. Every APP participant needs these essential items to take part in hands-on projects, attend field trips to union training sites, and start their union careers after graduation. The Lions Club’s donation is already being put to good use. Last week, the Red Wing Boot Truck stopped by Flintridge to get every participant a perfectly fitted pair of work boots. Then, the APP cohort paid a visit to the Sheet Metal Workers Union. Soon they’ll start working on hands-on projects with Habitat for Humanity.

We are grateful to the Lions Club for their generosity and commitment to improving the Pasadena community. Providing tools and equipment will help the people we serve overcome a major financial barrier to union employment.

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