Thank you, Mary!

Last week at the APP graduation ceremony, we honored Mary Wilson, retired president of the Pasadena Federal Credit Union, for her tireless work with our APP classes over the years.

Each session, Mary helps our APP participants develop financial literacy skills. Through hands-on activities and discussions, each participant learns how to create a budget, build credit, and avoid unnecessary fees. “Worrying about money makes you stressed,” says Mary, which is why she does everything she can to help our participants get the skills they need to solve their money problems.


At Flintridge, we know that a successful reintegration process relies on much more than just getting a job. The financial strategies that Mary helps our participants develop are essential to sustaining oneself in the long term.


Our programs would not be possible without the support of community partners like Mary and the Pasadena Federal Credit Union. Mary’s generous help has been key to participants’ reintegration processes.

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