The Why $106,131 Campaign

Why $106,131? $106,131 represents the cost to incarcerate one adult for one year in California.

Only 3% of this cost goes to “Rehabilitation Programs.” This low level of investment in education, supportive services, and vocational training is a contributing factor to high rates of recidivism, as nearly half of all CA state prisoners are re-incarcerated within three years of release.

We know this system isn’t working. But we also know that investing in care, support, and opportunities can break this cycle. We get to see it every day. Earlier this summer, a graduate of our Apprenticeship Preparation Program (APP) shared with me that he had just put a down payment on a home. He is a union electrician, a family man, and a mentor to current program participants. His homeownership comes less than three years after his release from 41 years of incarceration. It costs just $5,500 for Flintridge Center to support a student through the APP. So why $106,131?

We’re raising $106,131 to demonstrate the power of investing in opportunities instead of incarceration. At Flintridge, $106,131 can train 20 community members for transformative careers; it can prevent 85 youth from entering the justice system through the Youth of Promise Program; or provide case management for 100 adults returning home from incarceration.

Throughout this campaign, we’ll be sharing several ways to support and help us reach our goal:

Above all, we hope this campaign serves as a way to come together and build the future we want for our community – a future where families thrive, youth reach their full potential, and opportunity is accessible to all. Thank you for joining us in this campaign!

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