Apprenticeship Preparation Program

“I feel grateful. I have the skills and confidence to go onto the next step and the drive to work for something better. It starts with me and ends with me.”

Genghis first heard about the Apprenticeship Preparation Program at the PACT Resource Fair. He was hesitant to enroll at first because he wasn’t sure if he had an interest in construction. “The first week opened my eyes,” he recalls. Every APP class showed Genghis that there’s a lot of opportunities out there and much knowledge and skills to gain. Going through the course, Genghis realized he could incorporate his interest in math with construction. He also learned about the importance of unions and the life skills necessary to be a better team player. Since graduating in Fall 2015, Genghis was accepted to two unions and has been working full time. He still finds time to enjoy his passion for skateboarding when he’s off work.

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