Heriberto Sarabia

Apprenticeship Preparation Program

Heriberto enrolled in our Apprenticeship Preparation Program recovering from addiction and wanting a better life. He needed stability, and a way to provide for his two-year-old son. He was drawn to union construction because of the opportunities for advancement and career stability, but didn’t know how to get into a union, and didn’t have his GED. Heriberto says the certifications he got in the APP class will take him a long way, but what stood out the most was “all the personalities, from the staff to other students — everybody’s pushing for you to do better on a daily basis.”

Now, as an APP graduate, Heriberto has earned his GED and is pursuing a career as a union electrician. “It’s going to give me a career path,” he says. “I’ve always had jobs, but never really a career, and now I’m looking forward to being that provider for my family and for my son. Because I wasn’t able to do that in my past life.”

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