Apprenticeship Preparation Program

Jermil had been in and out of prison most of his life. This year, he knew it was time for a change. After moving to LA from Oakland, he applied for a construction job at LAX but lacked the needed pre-apprentice training. So, he came to Flintridge Center and committed himself to our Apprenticeship Preparation Program. Through the APP, Jermil got a lot more than construction job training. Jermil says the program showed him how a union works, refreshed his memory on key math concepts and earned him important certifications that gave him an advantage on job applications. But most importantly, he says, the APP “taught me how I can be a productive citizen in society.” In addition to applicable construction skills, Jermil enjoyed weekly life skills sessions with our partner 2nd Call so much, he and his wife Loneka started attending additional sessions near their home. “It’s teaching me how to address past trauma and let it go,” Jermil says, “and the importance of not letting your past hurts affect who you are on a worksite.” Jermil’s favorite memory from the program was completing a hands-on project building a playground with a local nonprofit. Jermil explains, “When you took from something or did so much harm in the past to the community, it means a lot when you can give back to that community in a positive way.” Thanks to Jermil’s commitment and persistence while he was in the program and after he graduated, his connection with 2nd Call earned him placement in the Electrician’s Union, and he is now working full time. Ultimately, having a career is life-changing for more than just Jermil. “It’s something I’ll do for the rest of my life,” he says, “and not only will I benefit from it, but my family will also benefit. And not just my family, but my community too.”

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