Apprenticeship Preparation Program

Naomy is a uniquely accomplished graduate of the Winter 2017 class of the Apprenticeship Preparation Program. She is a single mother, the only woman in her graduating class, and is now a union member with the Sheet Metal Workers Local 105. Naomy says the biggest thing the APP helped her with is networking. She says, “I feel like I can make connections and keep them. And get somewhere with those connections.” In fact, Naomy landed her job with the Sheet Metal Workers by putting that lesson into practice. Despite some initial obstacles, Naomy connected with a member of the union who recommended she explore a job site. Naomy visited the site, interviewed, and was hired on the spot.

Naomy also says she benefited from the weekly life skills sessions facilitated by 2nd Call — “it helped me put my thoughts together and be a little more open minded.”

Before enrolling in the APP, Naomy says, “I didn’t know that women could actually be in construction.” Now, Naomy is pursuing her new career with a teachable spirit. “I want to maintain it and do my best,” she says, “I don’t know much yet, but I can figure it out if I put my mind to it.” She’s also excited to be part of a supportive network of union members. “The union is about sisterhood and brotherhood,” she says, “It feels like a little family.”

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