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What We Do

apprenticeship preparation program

The purpose of the APP is to prepare and assist previously incarcerated and gang affiliated community members for careers in the construction trades by providing them with information, experience and skills necessary to be successful. Most community members face overwhelming barriers while trying to start a new life after incarceration or gang involvement. The APP helps individuals in these high-risk circumstances overcome barriers and reach a state of economic stability, ultimately providing them with viable alternatives to repeating offenses, criminal activities, and violence.

Unions and the construction industry were selected as our primary focus because apprentices earn dependable hourly wages, receive full benefits, and are not denied employment due to their backgrounds. Upon completing an apprenticeship, an individual becomes a qualified journeyman and can earn $60,000-$100,000+ a year.

The main components of the APP include case management services and a nationally union-approved course (MC3). To prepare our participants for obtaining and retaining employment, the program is further supplemented with life skills training, employability training, hands-on volunteering with Habitat for Humanity, union site visits, and guest speakers.

By providing access to career opportunities, Flintridge is helping to transform troubled lives into empowered and productive men and women. Our graduates are a testament to the program's life-changing impact: "This program has opened my eyes to the opportunities out there and has given me a second chance."

To learn more about the Apprenticeship Preparation Program, contact Peter Matich.