Flintridge Center

What We Do

record change clinics

As part of our commitment to serve formerly incarcerated community members, Flintridge Center advocates for policies that make reintegration easier. In 2014, we organized with community partners to support the passage of Proposition 47, a law that will reduce some felonies to misdemeanors and expunge some misdemeanors completely. Prop 47 is a lifeline to the people we serve whose criminal backgrounds make finding employment and access to basic needs, such as housing, extremely difficult. Being rid of the stigma of the "felon" label will give countless people a second chance at a fulfilling life.

Flintridge Center hosts clinics to help community members navigate the paperwork and process needed to take advantage of this opportunity. Our aim is to ease the reintegration process for the people we work with as much as possible, making our communities stronger and healthier.

To learn more about Record Change Clinics, contact Carol Klauschie, Coordinating Attorney.