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real change movement

The Real Change Movement is the first of its kind in Los Angeles County and involves many community partners to harness the power of our community. The two primary goals of the Real Change Movement are to: 1) provide for the homeless with the small change and credit card donations made through the meter program and 2) raise awareness about the issues of homelessness within our community.

The Meter Donation Program involves specially designed meters to collect donations from the public. All donations will be put into the United Way of Greater Los Angeles' "Funders Collaborative" program, which aims to match the donations. The nonprofits within the Pasadena community that seek to end or prevent homelessness can then apply for funding from the program. The ultimate goal is to help house the homeless, a more cost-effective method than giving money to panhandlers because 100% of the donations received will be distributed to various service providers that work with the homeless.

With this collaborative movement, we hope to strengthen and provide greater access to the resources for our community's homeless population. We strive to ensure that everyone has their basic necessities met and a place to call home in our community.

For more information, visit www.realchangemovement.org