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vision 20/20 reintegration network

Following the mission of the Vision 20/20 Initiative to prevent and stop community violence and substance abuse by working with our community's highest need, highest risk, and gang impacted youth, young adults, and families with the goal of creating and implementing strategies that prevent all forms of violence and substance abuse, the Reintegration Network unites various community stakeholders to address the issue of community violence in Pasadena. The initiative started in 2007 as a response to then Councilmember Jacque Robinson's call-to-action and Anthony Massengale's violence prevention framework. We convene the Reintegration Network to meet the needs of formerly incarcerated individuals returning to our community using a collaborative approach. The multisector coalition includes the Pasadena Police Department and community-based, faith-based, philanthropic, business, civic and educational organizations. In 2017, we launched a new strategic plan to align and strengthen services across agencies.

The transition from incarceration back into the community involves overwhelming barriers to meeting the most basic human needs — housing, employment and health care. Without the ability to meet their basic necessities, previously incarcerated community members are highly likely to be reincarcerated. By providing a safety net of effective and comprehensive services, the Network seeks to lower the rate of recidivism. Using a dignified and compassionate approach, we seek to help community members meet their needs and leave the cycle of violence, repeating offenses, and poverty.

Youth served are highly vulnerable, have experienced multiple adverse childhood experiences, and include foster youth, youth with incarcerated family members, and youth involved in the juvenile justice system.

View our Strategic Plan (PDF) and Logic Model (PDF) to align stakeholders and strengthen services for formerly incarcerated community members.

View our Implementation Update (June 31st, 2018) Executive Summary (PDF) and Detail (PDF).

To learn more about Vision 20/20, contact Josh McCurry.