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vision 20/20 initiative

Vision 20/20 is an initiative with the goal of uniting various community stakeholders to address the issue of community violence in Pasadena. The initiative started in 2007 as a response to then Councilmember Jacque Robinson's call-to-action and Anthony Massengale's violence prevention framework. In 2010, City Council approved the community's recommendation to select Flintridge as the Institutional Home for Violence Prevention/Intervention. Since that time, Flintridge has convened stakeholders, particularly in regard to reintegration.

Vision 20/20 is the foundation for our work with community stakeholders. The coalition identifies gaps in services while work groups develop and implement programs and services to address the gaps. Flintridge is responsible for coordinating many of these new efforts. The coalition has achieved successful results with Vision 20/20 programs and services, such as the Apprenticeship Preparation Program, PACT Resource Fairs, Intervention-Prevention Institute and Network, SKILLZ Summer School, Know Your Rights Trainings, Youth of Promise Mentoring, and Prop 47 / Ticket Amnesty Clinics.

Following the mission of Vision 20/20, we continue to strengthen our programs to help more and more community members transform their lives.

View our Strategic Plan (PDF) and Logic Model (PDF) to align stakeholders and strengthen services for formerly incarcerated community members.

To learn more about Vision 20/20, contact Jaylene Moseley, Flintridge Center President.