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youth of promise program

Youth of Promise (YOP) is a youth development program serving youth in the Northwest Pasadena and West Altadena communities who have been impacted by poverty, community violence, gangs, and incarceration. Our goal is to see all of our youth finish high school and enter college. We provide them with support, resources and positive alternatives to joining gangs and becoming entangled in the justice system. Our youth live in high-need, high-risk circumstances, but have tremendous potential when they receive support from adults who believe in them. We call them Youth of Promise because when we care for and invest in them, they are full of promise.

YOP provides youth with comprehensive services, including academic tutoring, community service opportunities, life skills workshops, college and career planning, mentoring from caring and supportive adults, and fun and educational field trips and events. Committed volunteers recruited from the Pasadena and Altadena communities serve as mentors, providing emotional support through life's challenges and transitions. Flintridge staff case managers provide advocacy and referrals for youth and their families to ensure that their immediate needs are met.

The results we see go beyond just improved grades — the YOP program leads our youth to healthier relationships and lifestyle choices, improved interpersonal skills and increased self-esteem. We have witnessed youth grow from barely attending class to graduating high school and going off to college. It's amazing what youth can achieve when they are supported and encouraged.

In addition to the YOP program, Flintridge coordinates Pasadena Mentoring Partners, a multi-agency partnership that provides resources and a variety of opportunities to mentorship programs. The partnership increases the number of mentoring relationships in our community and promotes safe mentoring programs that follow best practices. The mentoring service agencies include: A Step Ahead, Boys & Girls Club of Pasadena, Catholic Big Brothers Big Sisters, Flintridge Center, Mentoring and Partnership for Youth Development (MPYD), and Stars.

To learn more about Youth of Promise, contact Lisa Wilson, YOP Program Specialist.