Flintridge Center

Who We Are

about us

Flintridge Center's mission is to break the cycle of poverty and violence through community planning, innovation and action. Our vision is of a healthy, safe community where families thrive, youth reach their full potential, and equality and opportunity are accessible to all.

Flintridge Center is a program provider, coordinator, advocator, collaborator, and convener. More importantly, Flintridge is a supporter and provider of hope and opportunities to individuals of high-risk, high-need circumstances from various communities in the Los Angeles County.

These individuals range from middle school youth to adults and include the formerly incarcerated, previously gang-involved, and those most susceptible to heading towards the path of violence and incarceration. Each year, over 500 individuals seek the services provided by Flintridge to transform their lives, reach their full potential, and become contributing and self-sufficient members of our communities.

Flintridge provides the Apprenticeship Preparation Program for formerly incarcerated adults, the Youth of Promise program for youth in high-risk circumstances, reintegration services, and individualized case management to our community members. We also coordinate Know Your Rights with Law Enforcement trainings, monthly reintegration resource fairs, and Record Change clinics, in collaboration with our community partners. The environment Flintridge fosters for community members is both welcoming and inviting. Participants trust that we are striving to help them along their journey to achieve their goals.

Flintridge Center is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Our tax I.D. is 26-1559274.